Dr. Leon and Carol Threatt

Dr. Leon Threatt is undeniably known for his faith, passion for reconciliation and unity, and genuine love for all people. He possesses a commitment to enable his fellow man to reach their full potential.

From One Veteran to Another

I have the highest regard for all those men and women who have honorably served in the U. S. Armed Forces. I believe that the freedoms and liberties we all enjoy have been sustained by the blood and lives of those who have worn an American uniform. I will never forget those who have given so much and have asked for so little.

Education Reform

I believe education should be a lifelong commitment, and we must continue supporting and investing wisely into our teachers and schools. I also believe that parents deserve the right to send their children to a school of their own choosing, so I support school vouchers and or tax credits for families who desire to send their children to a private school setting. All children deserve the highest quality of education. I also believe that parents have the primary responsibility for directing and participating in their children’s education—whether that might be home-schooling, private or public schools.

Economy Revitalization

I believe in the creative possibilities of the human spirit. Economic growth and prosperity emerges and flourishes by the innovation found in free enterprise, not a bigger government. We must create more job opportunities here at home. Without a job hopelessness and despair settles in the heart. I think our economy has its greatest opportunity for growth by promoting free enterprise, helping small business, reducing taxes, and minimizing governmental regulations.

Historical Faith of America

I believe that one of America’s greatest needs is to return to the historical principles and faith that makes this nation the great that it is. We must reconnect with the values of faith, loyalty and devotion to the Benevolent Creator Who has guided us, provided for us and graced this nation from its inception.

Sanctity of Human Life

I believe in the sanctity of life for the unborn. I support legislation that would protect and recognize life at conception. I also believe that abortion on demand has been America’s greatest moral failure. Since Roe-v-Wade in 1973, over fifty-five million babies’ lives have been terminated. I feel that all citizens have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness no matter their stage of development.

Traditional Family Values

It is my belief that the strength of our society is the family and the foundation of the family is the covenant of marriage. I think it has been proven that the traditional marriage of one man and one woman working together in partnership is the most effective way to nurture strong families.